Welcome to the Delphi Forum

Well, we have been waiting to long, after the closure of the forums.embarcadero.com, which fortunately currently can still be read, but cannot posted on anymore.

So I have decided to design a replacement Forum, which is based on the same layout as the original forums.embarcadero.com.

This Forum will STAY. It will not be removed, and when I drop dead, it will become available in the public domain.

The Forum runs on a Linux Debian based VPS with a MariaDB (MySQL) back-end, located at a major site in the Netherlands.

Right now, it look rather empty. So please SPREAD THE WORD any way you can think of, so that all previous Embarcadero forum users can now migrate to this compatible forum.

Any requests for changes and improvements, please email me at delphiforum@sartrack.nz

PS: Note the correct URL for this Forum: http://www.delphiforum.net and *NOT* delphiforum[s].net which is a locked, non-existent domain stolen by GoDaddy.com to make money out of it.

Bart Kindt

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