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Embossed Vacuum Pouches for Vegetable Packaging PA/PE Vacuum Channel Bags
Also known as: vacuum sealer for food, food saver bags, vacuumed sealed bags
GreenPak 4mil embossed vacuum sealer bags-have an embossed back & a clear front…this gives the best of both sides as it can drawn air out of the embossed bags and the clear side is used for presentation purposes and perfect viewing of food packaged.
·Highly suitable for vacuum sealer from FoodSaver/ Magic Vac™
·Suitable for the sous-vide low-temperature cooking
·Keep the product fresh and free of preservatives
·Good elasticity and puncture-effect
·Suitable for cooling and freezing food for several years
· Sous-Vide low temperature cooking
·100% BPA-free
Application of Vacuum Sealer Bags

1.What’s the function of vacuum packing?
Food provides oxygen-free environment. its strong barrier provides favorable conditions for transport and storage after sterilization, prevented outside bacteria from invasion II in order to really achieve the effect of extended shelf life.
Noted: vacuum packaging will achieve a good quality result matching the sterilization process.
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