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Name: Superfine Stainless Steel Automatic Grinding Machine Powder Pulverizer for Grain,Rice, Medicinal Herbs,Spice
Main Features:
Name: multifunction grinding  machine
Motor Power:2.2KW
Material: High quality stainless steel
Quality certification: CCC  EUROHS
This machine is widely used in:
All kinds of powder, sesame seeds, walnuts, rice, medicinal herbs, almond, red jujube, angelica, radix, and so on
1.Read the instruction before using the machine, strictly follow the Operating specifications when you operate the machine.
2.You need to loosen the adjustment before shutdown.
3.You should be dried or reheat, remove stones, metal and other debris when Processing whole grains, herbs, etc.
4.After use the machine every time, you need to clean it, it can be not rinse by water.
5.If there is severe wear of machine parts ,you  need to repaired or replaced promptly.
6.one year warranty, it does not include man-made damage caused by improper use and normal wear.
Payment Methods
These payments of T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal are accepted. If you have any problem with the payment, please leave a message to us.
DHL, EMS and UPS, Fedex are our choices. If you prefer other reliable shipping company. Please leave a message to us.
Tracking Number
Tracking number will be informed within 2-3 work days after delivery goods. If you have any problem with it, please leave a message to us.
Any comments, suggestions are accepted. We will be very grateful to your positive footprints left in our company. If you have any problem with our products, please leave a message to us.
Any damage or shortage of our goods when you receive your items. Please take some photos for a witness. We will deal with it in 24 hours. Frequently, we will send a new part of items for alternative and heavy-damage, Before refund is accepted, please leave a message to us.herb powder grinder manufacturers

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